CANADIAN ADAPTIVE CLIMBING SOCIETY Creates opportunities for individuals living with barriers

Adaptive Climbing Clinics

Canadian Adaptive Climbing


Mountain Mentors is an alpine mentorship program for self-identified women in Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor. We facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships for likeminded outdoorswomen who backcountry ski/snowboard, and climb.

We believe that mentors are a blueprint of possibility - through the creation of trusting and empowering relationships, we can grow the community of female outdoor leaders in alpine sport.

Alpine Mentorship Program

Mountain Mentors

Vancouver & Sea to Sky Corridor

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Not all womxn like to craft. Not all womxn like to arrange flowers. To quote Amy Poehler: “Good for her, not for me.” The Bad Academy was born out of two principles: 1. We really like being around other womxn learning, sharing, and being vulnerable, and 2. We’re okay with crafting workshops, but we crave a place to learn atypical skills that we were either never taught or were always very curious about.

Workshops for Bad Womxn

The Bad Academy


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A community for Indigenous Womxn climbers. 
To inspire. To share. To decolonize. Whose Territories do you Climb on?

Climbing Community

Indigenous Womxn Climb

North America


Womxn’s Rock Climbing Guiding Company

Training for Climbing 100% Volunteer Organization


To motivate and inspire self-identifying females of all abilities to reach their rock climbing goals through education, outdoor recreation and applied fitness in a team setting.

Womxn's Rock Climbing Guide Company

Never Stop Moving

North America

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Alpenglow Collective is a connecting force for women and underrepresented genders in the climbing community. It is an inclusive platform where women (cis and trans), trans people of all genders, and gender non-conforming folks can connect, find climbing partners, and create lasting mentorships. We strive to foster in-person relationships within the climbing community and advocate for gender equity in climbing.

Climbing Community

Alpenglow Collective

North America

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