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Hannah Preston


ACMG Rock Guide / Apprentice Alpine Guide

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Katie Hurley


Finding Inspiration ~

Inspiration is everywhere and there is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by women who share your passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors. We are inspired every day by the strength and talent of the women that live right here in British Columbia and believe that there is space for us all to share and support each other in our everyday lives and weekend adventures.

Treeline Woman’s Outdoor Community’s mission is to motivate and support womxn in the outdoors through community while giving them the skills they need to be confident and achieve their outdoor pursuits.

As a community we will provide resources for women to help them grow their skills and participation in the outdoors as well as promoting healthy lifestyle (mental & physical) but also to elevate and promote other women’s businesses in British Columbia and beyond.  

As a community we are strong and by standing together we grow stronger!

Why Treeline ~

The simple answer, it is where we play, where we live, where our adventures become reality.  But there is deeper meaning which helped to inspire this project and its name. Outdoor adventure is the world’s most natural medication.  Those who seek it know that the benefits are not just physical, the power it has to heal the mind and soul is undeniable.


Having just watched the YouTube video, Locating Yourself - A Key to Conscious Leadership (link below and well worth checking out) it became clear that like trees trying to grow above the treeline, we too can find it difficult living fully above the line.  Life can be demanding. For many the mental strain can be all consuming, for others it simply means they need to get outside more to boost their spirit. Mental health is a topic that we are not shy to talk about at Treeline WOC and we want to open the discussion about the benefits of healthy living in both mind and body through outdoor sports.


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